Local Drop Marketing
The right location and intelligent real estate strategy are essential to having a successful business.

Our Story

We wanted to find a way to make our retail flower shop successful from day one because we went ALL IN. We used all of our savings and had everything to lose. I remember our goal was to just have one customer a day! At first, our friends and acquaintances supported us, after the initial support we were struggling to find our way.

We were naive about marketing and advertising, wasting hard-earned money on things that didn’t work, cost a lot of money, and took up our precious time. We wasted a pile of money on marketing and advertising that didn’t work and there was no way to track it. We have found the solution!

Our Mission and our WHY is to help the person who has put it all on the line. The WHY that sparked the magic of the Local Drop Marketing. A magic that comes from a place within all of the participants who believe that this job is stressful and sometimes painful, yet it is rewarding and helpful.

Just imagine you can give people Joy and Happiness. Imagine you can help them Celebrate Life’s Milestone moments. We are here to help you grow your business and your dreams.

Rob Hanson, CEO

Local Drop Marketing

Through our years of marketing, we've helped countless business owners thrive through targeted campaigns that gain real results. We're proud to share in the success with our clients and we love to share their stories.
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