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Our Story
With roots in the floral industry, CEO Rob Hanson wanted to find a way to help business owners do things better. With many attempts to navigate the world of marketing for our own company, we've learned what works. Our mission since then has been to help local entrepreneurs thrive as we have.
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Why It Works

As a business owner people naturally want to know you and support you. As you grow your business and hire staff you sometimes become removed from certain tasks as you work more on your business than in your business. Imagine your phone doesn’t ring and you get a voicemail notification that just happens to be from the owner themselves inviting you to take advantage of a special offer a “Just Because” bunch for $20. This week only. In your message, you tell them to visit your website or come in and use the special discount code only for clients. You let them know you care, and you personally touch them with the voicemail. All in less than 5 minutes. What if this week you got an extra 50 orders? That’s what we make happen at Local Drop Marketing.

HOW IT Works

1.Upload Numbers

You know your clients and we know how to make that list grow. Simply upload your client list cell phone numbers to be placed in our efficient automated system so you never miss an opportunity for orders.

2.Record Voicemail

Maximize your sales and order through a compelling message to your client-base. Record your call to action voicemail in one easy step.

3.Start Campaign

Start your marketing campaign with an automated ringless voicemail feature to send targeted messages to your customers so you never miss a chance to maximize your orders! Perfect for florists, bakeries, and any other retailers seeking to grow their business.

4.Get Orders!

By giving you the software you need along with guided experienced marketing coaching, you are guaranteed to increase sales exponentially. As entrepreneurs, we know the key to success starts with branding and marketing your message accessible to current and potential clients. Get more leads than ever before and watch your profits soar.

Grow your business. What you'll get


You have unlimited access to the Ringless Voicemail Software.

Unlimited Support

Get the unlimited support you need from friendly professionals.

Coaching Sessions

Coaching Session on Voicemail messages that immediately drive business to you.

No Monthly Fees

Low cost only .02 cents for call drops with no minimum. Best of all? No no monthly fees!

Zip Code Territories

Exclusive Zip Code Territories available for $199 each one time cost, with a spreadsheet data of verified home owners which includes contact info, cell numbers and emails.

One-Time Investment

No hidden costs, no monthly fees. You get everything you need to help your business succeed for a one-time investment of $799!

With Local Drop Marketing, it's never been easier to grow your business. From florists to retailers, we can get you the leads you need to succeed.

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